WHYB? ($12,997.14!)


(from memegenerator.net)

Where have you been?
5 months have passed since my last post. A lot of things have transpired. My wife and I both left our jobs in Minnesota to move out west to new jobs in Los Angeles. Woah. Within the context of this blog, we left our rent free house to live in a 1 bedroom apartment in one of the most expensive parts of the country. At first blush this sounds like a pretty dumb financial move which in some ways it was. The real story is we had a really cool opportunity present itself to us, and we went for it. I’m on my ninth week at a new company and it has been really rewarding so far.

How the heck did you pay off that much with all this going on?
I put my pride aside. Let me explain. My wife had some savings that she wanted to give towards paying down my school debt. Initially, I felt like a leech. This is debt that I personally took for my education and here my wife is taking her hard earned savings to pay my debt. Ugh. She reminded me that we are married and my debt is officially our debt. This was a powerful reminder that when I said ‘I do’, this thing called life became a team sport. She made a solid point, but I still needed to get over myself. I still feel some guilt about it but there’s a longer term goal that we’re focused on…together.

Makes sense, but how are you still paying down so much AND living in such an expensive part of the world?
We both got great job opportunities and my company has a bunch of perks, which include free parking, coffee, and meals. That alone saves me hundreds of dollars I was spending every month back in Minneapolis. In our first two months in LA we haven’t really done much exploring because we’re still adjusting to our new jobs. As a result we’re not spending much money at the moment.

When you’re a couple a DINKs (dual income, no kids), it allows a lot of flexibility on where you can go. We’re just beginning to enjoy the harvest that is a result of college, advanced degrees, and working our butts off the past 10 years. I am proud of my wife and myself for reaching this point of our careers where it feels like all that school was well worth it for the careers we’re in. We are so close to being debt free. It is the final 10% of the original amount or for those of you who like a good running metaphor, the final 2.62 of this marathon.

We’re making it happen. You can too. For realz.

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